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experience. Zoncada designed and Ponti signed off one of it and said: Yes, I like that chair, go with. There are two types of US passengers: there are the ones who want to stay in the US and are afraid of anything that is not american. And I wish I had that extra week in Alang because there were so many more things that I could have done, seen and documented. She was like his toy, and thats when my heart broke, when he sold her for scrap. Yes, the most beautiful one!

The Lloyd Triestinos Victoria, which was Anastasis in her last. Yes they know off course, but theres nothing to save from the Andrea Doria that hasnt been very damaged. The tides came and they were very rough, so they said that we had to spend the night onboard. They are designed by company officials who are trying to figure out how  to make more money by putting as many people on a ship, and generating revenue with distractions. I want these things all to be kept together. Small ships are leaving the fleets of many major cruise companies. Exact same thing, he made the same furniture with Cassina for Ponti. If its Pulitzer, maybe they like. Lets make a museum, just ocean liners, furnitures, art works, fittings. I think those ships will be in big trouble if another bad incident happens.

I went to see all the other ships and they all broke my heart, but the Augustus, for me, was the biggest tragedy. I sold many of the things but now, with Augustus, everything that I have, I keep. He did all panels depicting greek mythology on the Sun Lines ships, just magnificent! Like on the Seaview, she got a lot of things: she got a zip-line and an incredible waterpark. Regional products and regional experiences! Are there many people who are interested in these items? She was also there with the Principe Perfeito, which was a portuguese liner british built- also very beautiful. It was heartbreaking because I went to the Philippines in 2000. These new ships are a all different thing.

 I spent a week walking the decks of the Augustus, going through the rooms and seeing all the beautiful furnitures, light fixtures and some of the art works were still there onboard. But if its Ponti, oh my gosh! Beauty and function is the ultimate, but sometimes you give up a little function for that beauty, so that when people saw the Eugenio C sailing by, they would say that it was a magnificent ship and they would love to sail on her. So, as long as there are small markets like that, the small to medium size ships have a home. So she was also beautiful and I got many things from her as well. Because when Im gone in thirty years? But that was the trip and then I decided after that, once I have made my friend there, and he took good care of me and snuck me into the yards and he understood my passion and fell. All at the same time made me think ships were fantastic and need to know more, collect brochures and get any book -and there werent many books back then.

The old ocean liners, as you said, were meant to be inspirational. But if I say its a Zoncada they go: Thats nice. Theres something for everybody in America. To see Augustus on the beach, her entire hull out of water. Or doing a wet t-shirt contest Its an all different kind of passenger! I couldnt believe that a ship with four funnels sank by the bow only three years after the Titanic.

Italian liners were designed by great architects and artists such as the Coppedè brothers, Ducrot Studio, Nino Zoncada, Gustavo Pulitzer, Gio Ponti and. In your website, m, you sell out furnitures, artworks and panels that you litteraly saved from destruction during your numerous travels to Alang, and many of them came from ships that made the history of the Italian maritime history: the Ausonia, EugenioCosta or the Augustus. The expedition type ships. When Aureol  A british ocean liner which is almost as beautiful as Augustus. So I would never come to Europe and sail on Disney, or NCL or Carnival. Because they understand the world and didnt think that the world revolves around America. So I have a combination of the best british and italian And maybe a little french ships here and there or a couple of other, but the italian ships steal my heart. Yes, I sailed on her both as Ausonia and Ivory.  Not in a drydock, not at a pier, but fully exposed on a natural beach was, to me, the most beautiful thing and at the same time very sad, because it was just for a very short period of time before they started demolishing her. A 1951, hundred percent intact also because she was bought by the Greek billionaire John Latsis.


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At least, when they scrap the ships in Alang, they have the market. So the plan didnt happen and she went to Alang. Those cruise lines cater to a more cultured type of passenger. Acquitania, the german liners with four funnels. .  And Im like: Ok, ok, but its a new ship! Again, another ship one hundred percent intact!

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Venice, design, week 2016 Catalog ita/eng by venicedesignweek Per quanto riguarda il riciclo e per quanto riguarda l educazione civica legata. Pantheon 99, Camilla Mendini e la sostenibilità che è una Ormisis a wandering throughout life and culture L incontro è avvenuto in occasione della nostra visita al MuCa -Museo della Cantieristica e allo stabilimento Fincantieri di, monfalcone, in quella che si è rivelata essere una serie di interessanti visite guidate organizzate dal Comune.

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Chat incontri adulti gioco erotico video What a beautiful ship! Those lights are very very valuable as well. I think those other ships that are smaller ships but too big to me, they are ok for now because there are some markets in the US where they fit perfectly.
Bacheca incontri ct escortforum taranto Surf boards rides, zip-lines and anything to make people want to be on a ship but at the same time they forget that theyre at sea. And I wish I went for Aureol. And people today, sadly, at least where Im from, they dont care so much if the ship looks beautiful. Only just the drawings that he did in the very end of its life for children.

So I made sure that I rescued everything I could. Well, for me ships are now designed by corporate boardrooms. But there are ships, and there are americans, I should say, theres a wide variety of americans fortunately. Theyre beautiful but nothing compared to what he did for the ocean liners. Well, its funny because I was with a fellow journalist who was on the Seaview and she was telling me about her experience on an old ship. But I would much rather experience a european product when Im travelling in Europe. Not that theyre bad, theyre fine, theyre very good product. But, to see the pictures, and I believe you had, to see her looking so magnificent, powerful.Right, it was so sad. Where people like me can buy things and save them. Peter Knego, the world-renowed ocean liner historian and cruise journalist who has come to Genova to join the MSC Seaview christening and inaugural events.

But she was a lovely, lovely ship! Then I have another painting by Luzzati from Stella Maris of a circean calypso. So, what will be the future of small ships? Nobody could save her. Museums or also people who are interested in the design but not about the story of the ships and. But if its mid-century italian theyre very interested, because in the States, right now, thats very popular. Like, thats not an old ship! The italians made the most beautiful ships as far as the art works were concerned, light fixtures, furnitures Magnificent. When the people on the Carnival or NCL ships are going to Alaska, theyre going to Juneau and Ketchikan, and theyre going to giant shopping malls, and if they have a lot of money maybe they fly over a glacier.

Greek ships in Greece, italian ships in the Mediterranean. I didnt know when I purchased them, I just thought they were beautiful and I would save them. This is why they go on a cruise, they want these things. So thats the one good thing:  at least part of Augustus survived today. And I wish I spent more time there. I am mad at myself because you know, they say that In life its not the things that you do that you regret, its the things you dont. My first ship was an old british liner: the Arcadia for P O Lines.

But instead, they wanted the yacht harbour, the fancy yachts. Theres a company called UnCruise in Seattle, they have 50-60 passengers on their ships, and they go to Alaska. So its not just about  going to the rum bar and having an extra drink or two. So now its in my house and everyday I walk by pieces of Augustus. Short cruises to the Bahamas -Carnival is using their old eight Fantasy Class ships to do those- or cruises to Mexico from Los Angeles.

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